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Corporate Real Estate Software

Corporate Real Estate Software

Qube Global Software provides a single solution for all aspects of corporate real estate, lease and workplace management. Our proven solutions allow for: reduced occupancy and operating costs; increased visibility and accountability for improved lease control and space utilization; reduced maintenance costs; improved service to your internal customers by eliminating overpayments and penalties; better monitoring for energy cost reductions; effective management of sub tenants; seamless integration with ERP systems.

Maximize Your Opportunities with Corporate Real Estate Software

Qube Global Software’s corporate real estate software solutions provide the best tools available to help you meet existing challenges and take maximum advantage of any presented opportunities. Whether your requirements include a full IWMS solution or a targeted fix for a specific business need, Qube Global Software provides scalable, fully integrated, business oriented functionality.

Qube Global Software real estate applications are used by corporations in nearly 70 countries, providing centralized control, local access, and improved process efficiency throughout the complete real estate life cycle. The system provides enterprise level functionality for the effective management of buildings, leases, land, assets, processes and data, whether across departmental lines and geographic boundaries.

Our solutions provide a wide assortment of businesses with the systems to effectively manage real estate beyond the workplace. These solutions include:

  • Minimizing unnecessary expenditure by improving the acquisition, use, and maintenance of building space and other physical assets 
  • Increasing executive and investor confidence via accurate and timely financial and regulatory reporting 
  • Creating a central information repository to improve strategic planning, decision-making capability and an understanding of business issues through analysis and tracking of key performance metrics 
  • Improving the performance of all your real estate assets, whether these assets are owned, leased or subleased 
  • Optimizing building performance through the ability to calculate the total cost of occupancy across a portfolio and for individual buildings 
  • Optimizing usage of space and facilities, and accounting for it in full 
  • Delivering true business intelligence throughout your business and to your partners via web-based reporting