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Lease Management Software

Lease Management Software

Qube Lease Administration has been designed to broaden access to information, simplify usage, and improve processes. It provides Lease Administrators access to a wide range of functional capabilities within a flexible software tool. 

  • Critical dates are identified, actions prompted and email reminders sent
  • Lease documents are made available to all stakeholders through easy loading
  • Lease expenses are managed and can be processed for payment 
  • Reports of every aspect of the leased portfolio provide effective summaries
  • Lease intelligence provides a range of graphical visualizations to assess performance, highlight issues and summarize the lease portfolio
  • Domestic and international capabilities ensure that your whole portfolio can be managed in a single system, regardless of how varied the details might be
  • Transaction Management can be fully integrated, enabling active control of all lease activity

Qube Lease Administration is an ideal tool for all stakeholders due to a combination of flexibility and control. These include:

  • Senior Real Estate Executives 
  • Business Unit Leaders 
  • Service Providers and Support groups (legal, finance, risk management)

By providing each group with access to just what they need, response times improve, workload is reduced, and internal customer satisfaction is enhanced.

Lease Administrators will be able to:

  • Focus on higher value activity
  • Access a single source for all lease related data, reports and documents
  • Improve working processes
  • Provide accurate and detailed knowledge to support business decisions 
  • Effective reporting to reflect the needs of your corporation

Combined with Qube’s Transaction Manager and Real Estate Accounting modules, Qube Lease Administration will provide you with the capability to manage the full lease lifecycle within your portfolio.