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Real Estate Financials

Qube Global Software’s Real Estate Financials software is the most comprehensive system available. Designed to integrate with an existing ERP solution, the focused accounting functionality provides a detailed level of controlled analysis in order to identify and reduce unnecessary costs. Benchmark financial performance of your full real estate portfolio, and maximize the income earning potential of your assets with this program.

  • Empower real estate experts within the company to monitor costs 
  • Reduce time lost by eliminating duplicated effort and processes
  • Improve communications with finance departments
  • Provide visibility and control of all financial information 
  • Manage project teams 
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements 
  • Reduce organizational risk 
  • Provide effective reporting and advice 
  • Benchmark financial performance

A broad range of capabilities exists within Qube Global Software’s Real Estate Financial, including:

Real Estate Payables

Fulfill the payables functions of your real estate department with invoice entry and approval: manage all types of real estate related expenditures.

Real Estate Receivables

Manage every process required for sub-leasing space: rent billing, statements, CAM calculation and reconciliation are all provided.

Budget Control

Manage all aspects of real estate budgets: multiple budget components and budget role up is available.

Standard API's

Standard integration with corporate ERP systems provides a wide range of tools and capabilities: MS Project compatibility enables users to present project information in a standard format.