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Retail Management Software

Retail Management Software

Qube Retail Manager is currently being used by a number of prestigious retailers around the globe. Our single solution combines the specialist functionality needed to manage a diverse retail portfolio. Our applications deliver a wide range of functionality, fully supporting the lifecycle of any size store, from the opening of any retail location, to a final closing.

Qube Retail Manager includes key functionality in the following areas:

Lease Contract Management
Transaction and Project Management
Retail Rent Accounting
Facility Repair and Maintenance
Business Intelligence

With Qube Retail Manager, you have a proven system that provides scalable, fully integrated, business oriented functionality. Count on the expertise of Qube Global Software to meet your business needs, whether that includes a full retail IWMS solution or a targeted fix for a specific business need.

Our solutions meet and exceed the needs of a retailer with specialist software to manage any type of retail real estate portfolio. The functionality of Qube Retail Manager provides the following:

  • Percentage rent functionality that offers multiple calculation methods and sales report uploads;
  • Fully supported multiple financial calendars, including a 13 period and/or a 52 week accounting system;
  • Functionality for franchise payments and franchise management;
  • Sublease capabilities that support internal and external tenants;
  • An increased executive and investor level of confidence via accurate and timely financial and regulatory reporting; 
  • The ability to create a central information repository to improve strategic planning and decision-making;
  • An true understanding of business issues through improved analysis and tracking of key performance metrics; 
  • Improved performance of all your real estate assets, whether these assets are owned, leased or subleased; 
  • Delivering true business intelligence throughout your portfolio, and to your partners, via web-based reporting; 
  • Project and activity management tools to streamline business processes for accelerated store openings;
  • Repairs and maintenance support using the Facilities Module, providing a portal from each store management team to report issues, work order management, planned maintenance, contractor management and SLA’s;
  • Integration with industry mapping products that fully support visualization and decision making;
  • Domestic and global functionality and support that provides every type of retailer the solution they need to be successful.