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Intuitive web based space management software for CRE

Intuitive web based space management software for CRE

Qube Space is a unique space recharge system built to significantly reduce operational costs while delivering time saving capabilities. Managers with large amounts of office space can appreciate the benefits of immediate results.

Regardless of dealing with constant office churn or a major relocation, our space management software simplifies the processes related to staffing and asset moves.

The system delivers a managed environment for CAD information, with easy to configure interfaces to both its own database and to external third party systems. This includes full compatibility with Outlook, Personnel/Human Resources, Asset Register, MIS, etc.

With ‘anywhere access’ through a secure internet connection, the Software as a Service (SaaS) product is:

  • Highly intuitive for first time users
  • Feature rich
  • Competitively priced

Share detailed scenario layouts with your colleagues before approving any type of relocation. Move projects can be saved and reviewed in various stages.

Qube Space
Get an accurate understanding at your office space occupancy. Plan and manage to ensure greater efficiency with Qube Space.

Primary module functionality include:

  • People and asset tracking and viewing
  • Moves and space change management
  • Allocations and recharging
  • Occupancy and strategic planning
  • Resource bookings (hot desking/hoteling)
  • CAD scenario planning publishing and drawing
  • Drawing management and version control
  • Engineering drawing archives

Unique and innovative location management methods offer you significant productivity benefits. This is particularly beneficial for those organizations with a ‘high turnover, high volume’ open space plan.

The solution is scalable and flexible because of its modular architecture. Built to easily integrate with other systems, it is compatible with commonly used CAD and IT environments, including standard SQL databases and standard web-based technologies.

Easily extrapolate information on floor plans, space utilization, IT asset locations and real-time moves, add on’s and changes.

Get the insights you need to rapidly make informed decisions by asking the software important questions such as:

“What is the percentage occupancy by location?”
“How many desks are available within a department at a specific location?”
“What is the quarterly change in IT related space?”

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Qube Space - Move Planning
Produce documents for major moves in minutes rather than hours. Streamline move planning and management with simple drag and drop functionality.

Space management software mobile survey app

Software users can access a free Android App from the Google Play Store which enables them to:

  • See floor plans of entire portfolios
  • Undertake surveys of desk utilization
  • Create user definable surveys such as furniture condition, verification of asset locations, etc.

Gauge occupancy and utilization levels via generated heat maps, track desk conditions or access other custom surveys.

Improve space allocation and management decisions

Monitor a department location, complete floor, full building or set of buildings with the user friendly Floor Monitor module. You can quickly access accurate and up-to-date headcounts and occupancy figures. The People Finder module enables anyone within the company (typically via Intranet) to visually locate other team members.

Find employees, assets and vacant desk locations with graphical floor plan layouts.

Maintaining an accurate view of space utilization is crucial for any organization that is downsizing, rightsizing or relocating. For example, with headcount changes, a user can look ahead and consider altering floor plans, adjusting building specifications or re-evaluating lease obligations.

The optimal use of space will lead to significant operational cost savings. By better enabling workplace flexibility via hoteling (also known as hot desking),our space management software enables businesses to experience significant resource savings.

Space moves, adds and changes are simple to plan and report via a drag and drop interface. Documentation is created automatically, making the process simple, controllable and transparent for users and movers.

Qube Space has been actively deployed as both a SaaS model and a self-hosted solution throughout the Americas, Europe, the United Kingdom and Asia Pacific regions.  It is a professional business tool which no organization should be without.

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